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     The Glider Factory in Jeżów Sudecki is a company founded in 1928.  One of its founders was was Edmund Schneider - the constructor of GRUNAU BABY glider. This type of glider made gliding popular in the pre-war period all over the world.It was cheap to produce and therefore more accessible for a large number of potential buyers. After World War II when the borders of European countries had been established, Grunau - nowadays Jeżów Sudecki, entered into the territory of Poland. From 1945 to 2001 the Glider Factory was a state-owned enterprise working for the Ministry of Transport; it was a subsidiary of Experimental and Production Enterprise  PDPSZ PZL - Bielsko. Throughout this period of development the Factory had benn inseparably connected with gliding.

     In Jeżów gliders such as Jeżyk, Salamandra, Zefir 2A and B, Pirat 30C entered into a serial production. An importanat place was taken by the Bocian glider, which had 612 copies produced alltogether including different versions. 

In addition to the production the Factory also dealt with the service and repair of wooden and composite gliders. It is one of few companies in Poland which was granted approval by the German aviation authorities - LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt - higher federal authority discharging tasks related to civil aviation) to service Polish designs registered in Germany. 

     In cooperation with and as ordered by WSK Świdnik metal parts for pilot's safety belts for PW-5 type of glider were manufactured.

     After the bunkruptcy had been declared in 2001, the state-owned enterprise under the name of  Experimental and Production Gliding  Enterprise  PZL - Bielsko Factory in Jeżów Sudecki was privatized. 

     Since then the factory has been called the Glider Factory "JEŻÓW" Henryk Mynarski. The Factory has assumed rights to 30 Type Certificates for gliders which at the time of privatization were not produced,

1.   SZD-9bis Bocian 1D * 
2.   SZD-9bis Bocian 1E
3.   SZD-12 Mucha 100 
4.   SZD-12A Mucha 100A 
5.   SZD-8 Jaskółka 
6.   SZD-21-2B Kobuz 3 
7.   SZD-22B Mucha Standard
8.   SZD-22C Mucha Standard *
9.   SZD-24C Foka
10. SZD-24-4A Foka 4 *
. SZD-25A Lis *  
12. SZD-27 Kormoran 

13. SZD-30 Pirat * 
14. SZD-30C Pirat  
15. SZD-31 Zefir 4 
16. SZD-32A Foka 5 *
17. SZD-35 Bekas
18. SZD-36A Cobra 15
19. SZD-38A Jantar 1 *
20. SZD-39 Cobra 17 
21. SZD-40 Halny 

. SZD-41A Jantar Standard *
. SZD-42-1 Jantar 2 *
. SZD-42-2 Jantar 2B *
. SZD-45 Ogar *
26. SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2 
27. SZD-48-3M Brawo 
28. SZD-52 Jantar 15 
29. SZD-52-2 Krokus 
30. SZD-52-3 Krokus S

* Type Certicicates honoured by EASA

as well as the rights to manufacture pilot safety belts and SZD III release hooks.

The Glider Factory " JEŻÓW" is also certified to carry out special and main repairs as well as overhauls for the following types of gliders: 

  1. SZD-48-3 Jantar Standard 3
  2. SZD-50-3 Puchacz
  3. SZD-51-1 Junior
  4. SZD-55-1 
  5. SZD-59 Acro

 We will soon launch the production of PW-5 and PW-6U gliders, which we took over from PZL-Świdnik S.A. in 2005.


Our achievements:

the reconstruction of Jaskółka SZD-8 ter from 1959, finished in 2004 - (click to see)
he reconstruction of SZD-19-2 Zefir-2 from 1964r, finished in 2004 roku - (click to see)
the reconstruction  and re-varnish of DFS „Olympia Meise” from 1957r, finished in 2004 roku - (click to see)
the creation of a wooden glider  IS-A Salamandra from 1940s - we soon expect its first flight. 
(click to see) 

The above mentioned gliders were presented at the  „Aero Friedrichshafen 2005”  Fairs in 2005 in Germany.



  1. Production Organization Certificate No PL.21G.0035 - (Click to see)

  2. Design Organization Approval No Nr D-11/JA/2001;
    Joint Aviation Requirements JAR 21, Subpart JA 

  3. Certificate maintenance organization PL.145.047 -  (click to see)

  4. Maintenance Authorization Certificate issued by the authority of BGA (British Gliding Association) 
    Approval DAI/8378/73



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